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Did you know that the average number of breweries in each state is now well over 100 with some having far more. With so many different styles of beers from so many breweries there is almost a never ending supply of new beers. However for most traveling around the United States visiting all of these breweries would be almost impossible. So that’s where a beer of the month club comes in handy!

As active members of this club we wanted to give our review so you know exactly why this may be a great choice for yourself or as a gift for a fellow beer lover.

Below we break down how it works, what beers you can expect to receive and other cool benefits of being a club members.

What Being a Club Member Means?

The Original Craft Beer Club selects unique and interesting beers from micro breweries across American and sends them directly to your door. You can choose between monthly, every two months or quarterly shipments of 12 or 24 beers per shipments.

They do a great job of selecting different types of beers in each shipment keeping the variety fresh and unique. These include the brewery’s award-winning, flagship, or most popular beers for you to discover and enjoy.

What Do You Get For Your Membership?

In each shipment you will receive beer from two craft breweries. For each brewery they will include two styles of beer and 3 cans or bottles per style for a total of 12. If you select the 24 count box you will receive 6 of each style. If you sign up for at least 2 months worth of shipments they will throw in up to 3 free gifts which include a beer bottle opening, some koozies and more.

You will also get their micro brew newsletter in each shipment which gives you an in dept description of the craft breweries in your shipment.

The great part is signing up us easy with a quick visit to their website. You will start receiving beer in just a few weeks as the first shipments will go out quickly.


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What Does The Membership Cost?

The cost per shipment if you select the 12 beer option is just $47.95 and simply doubles for the 12 beer option. There is no discount for setting up long term recurring shipments until you get to 12 months where they will offer you $25 off.

This breaks down to $3.99 a beer or if you select the 12 month option just $3.50 a beer. Less than the average price you will pay at most breweries and restaurants.

You will also receive three free gifts for setting up multiple shipments and can cancel anytime. (If before the third month they will charge for the free gifts at $19.95)

  • 3-5 Shipments: Heavy-duty logo bottle opener
  • 6-12 Shipments: Set of 4 custom koozies plus the bottle opener
  • 12+ Shipments: $25 off plus the 4 koozies, and the bottle opener

The best part of this club is shipping is always free anywhere within the contiguous United States. Hawaii and Alaska are not eligible for shipping.

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How They Select The Beer to Ship You

Craft Beer of the Month club works only with 100% independent small craft beer breweries so you will not receive any big macro brewery brands in your box. They will select their most popular, unique or award winning beers to ship direct to your front door. We have seen a wide variety of styles including lagers, IPA’s, Stouts, Hefeweizens, Kolsch, Oatmeal Stouts and many more.

They will ship both cans and bottles in your shipments and it varies by craft brewery. If you absolutely do not want a style of beer or do not want either bottles or cans you can reach out to their customer service. They will not be able to replace these in each shipment and will simply skip a month when that style of beer is included.

Sample Shipment From Craft Beer of the Month Club

Below is a sample shipment based off our last box which arrived in October 2022.

  • 3x Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Pilsner
  • 3x Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Lager
  • 3x Bent River Brewing Company 2022 American India Pale Ale
  • 3x Bent River Brewing Company 2022 American Pale Wheat Ale

Customer Service and Shipping

Your monthly shipment is delivered in a brown box that does not make it known what is inside. This means you can have it delivered anywhere like your office. Keep in mind someone over the age of 18 will need to be there to sign as Fedex will not leave alcohol at your front door unattended.

Their customer service has been top notch in our experience. In the 14 shipments we’ve had, Fedex damaged one and lost another. Craft Beer Club did not hesitate to quickly ship out a replacement at no extra charge.

We have to say this is a huge selling point as you will get a real human who cares about your experience.




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How To Sign Up

Simply head to the Craft Beer Club’s website and select the menu option that says “beer clubs”. From there you will select the number of beers (12 or 24), frequency and duration. Once setup hit add to cart and continue with your purchase just like any other website. They will charge your card and start the process of getting your first shipment out the door. You will receive confirmation and tracking emails along the way.

Our Final Thoughts about Craft Beer of the Month Club

For any beer enthusiast who wants to try a variety of beers not found in your local grocery store this will be a great option. You can also set this up as a gift for someone special making this beer club perfect for fathers day and Christmas gifts or just when you want to reward yourself with something fun.

So head on over to their website and setup your first months shipment and start enjoying your next unique brew.

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